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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oooh I Love Holidays!!!  So I decided to bake cupcakes for my baby girl's Kindergarten class Easter celebration and found the cutest baking cups by Wilton.  The Darn things cost $4.00 which is insane and I probably should not have spent that much but you know it's Easter and they were cute and well......

The directions on the package said to only fill the cups with 3 tablespoons of batter which seemed like to little to me but I whipped out my Large Pampered Chef scoop and figured that should work!  Scared the whole time to look in the oven in case there was massive spillage...LOL!

21 mins. later there were perfectly filled baking cups!!!  YAY ME!

I hope they enjoy as I know parents will hate me come tomorrow afternoon (there are 7.5 cups of powered sugar in the butter cream) They are topped with WAY TOOO SWEET Sweet Tart Jelly Beans and Hershey Chocolate Eggs!  Oh and the Butter Cream Icing is flavored with my new found flavoring love Creme Bouquet thanks to Keisha Sibert over at Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams!  You can find the baking emulsion at BakeItPretty.Com

****Still working on the Daisy Tea Party!!!  Got some great finds at Michael's over the weekend!  Pics and details to come soon!